What to try in Vienna with food
The national cuisine of Austria has incorporated many recipes from around the world, but at the same time remains original and not like the others. There are a number of…

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What to try in Vienna with food

The national cuisine of Austria has incorporated many recipes from around the world, but at the same time remains original and not like the others.

There are a number of Austrian dishes that are recognized as the hallmark of the country’s capital. Here they are prepared divinely, and nowhere else in the world will you find anything like it. So what to try in Vienna from food and where to go in search of a delicious Viennese tafelspitz or strudel? We invite you on an exciting journey through the gastronomic Vienna.
Vienna Schnitzel (Wiener Schnitzel)
Beginning acquaintance with national food in Vienna is definitely worth it with a schnitzel. It is amazingly tasty and just incredibly huge – so much so that you can eat them together.

Wiener schnitzel

So where to eat the best schnitzel in Vienna? Pay attention to such gastronomic establishments as:

Figlmüller (address: Wollzeile 5 and Bäckerstraße 6);
Schnitzelwirt (Neubaugasse 52);
Gasthaus Kopp (Engerthstrasse 104).
The preparation of schnitzel in Austria is very kind. Almost every Viennese restaurant believes that it is in its kitchen that the most delicious schnitzel in Vienna is prepared, but in these three establishments it really deserves all praise.

The price on the menu varies from 7.20 € (Schnitzelwirt) to 20 € (Figlmüller).

Viennese Potato Salad (Wiener Erdäpfelsalat)
Potato salad is considered a traditional side dish for Viennese schnitzel. In the original Austrian recipe, boiled potatoes are seasoned (or pickled with) salt, vinegar, onion, parsley. The salad turns out to be very tasty in itself, but with Wiener Schnitzel it’s just a must have.

Gastronomic Vienna: what to try in the Austrian capital

Since potato salad is often served with schnitzel, it is included in the total price. But you can try Erdäpfelsalat as an independent dish, for example, in these institutions:

Wiener Wiaz Haus (Gusshausstrasse 24);
Gasthaus Pöschl (Weihburggasse 17).
The price of a salad is from 3.50 € to 8 €.

Vienna Tafelspitz (Wiener Tafelspitz)
Tafelspitz is another option for a hungry tourist to eat in Vienna. In the Austrian capital, it is served in accordance with a national recipe: boiled beef meat with broth, vegetables, potato fry, horseradish, onion sauce and directly in a hot saucepan. Nourishing? Yes! Delicious? Of course!

Wiener tafelspitz

Plachutta restaurants are considered kings in the preparation of tafelspitz in Vienna – they are located in different parts of the city. For example, you can eat at the restaurant on Wollzeile 38 and Walfischgasse 5-7, Auhofstrasse 1 or Heiligenstädterstrasse 179.

Vienna street food – what to try on the streets of the capital of Austria
More restaurants where you can eat delicious tafelspitz:

Griechenbeisl (Fleischmarkt 11);
Fromme Helene (Josefstädter Strasse 15 | Lange Gasse 33).
Tafelspitz prices in these establishments range from € 17.80 (Fromme Helene) to € 23.80 (Plachutta).
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Viennese Potato Soup (Wiener Erdäpfelsuppe)
Among all the soups to try in Vienna, potato is considered a classic of Austrian cuisine. Let the plain name not deceive you – the recipe is simple and at the same time original. For cooking, in addition to potatoes, you need beef broth, flour, mushrooms, cream, vegetables and even a little bacon and white wine.

Perhaps the best potato soup in Vienna and other national Austrian food await you in restaurants:

Gasthaus Stern (Braunhubergasse 6);
Waldviertlerhof (Schönbrunnerstrasse 20).
The average price is 4.50 €.
Vienna Beef Soup (Wiener Rindsuppe)
Beef soup is so popular in Vienna that it is even called the “king of the dining table.” For its preparation, pieces of beef are taken on the bones, fried onions, vegetables, sometimes mushrooms or other ingredients.

Wiener rindsuppe

Fine soup at a very reasonable price offer to eat:

Die Metzgerei (Linzerstrasse 179);
Ofenloch (Kurrentgasse 8);
Steman (Otto-Bauer-Gasse 7);
Stephan Die Gastwirtschaft Mit Bar (Schönbrunner Strasse 98).
In most places, the price of Rindsuppe is not more than 4-5 €. The Stephan Restaurant, where the cuisine is more sophisticated, can be eaten for 5.50 €.
Viennese goulash (Wiener Fiakergulasch)
Viennese cuisine in its own way adopted the recipe for Hungarian goulash. For “goulash in cabbages” (the name of this food is literally translated), Austrian chefs take the best beef, the same as for schnitzel. The meat is sliced, fried with onions, tomato paste, garlic, stewed with spices. Goulash with fried Viennese sausage, fried eggs and pickled cucumber is served to the table.

Gastronomic Vienna: what to try in the Austrian capital

Finding Fiakergulasch in Vienna is harder than trying Schnitzel. This Austrian meal is often replaced on the menu with the usual beef counterpart (Rindgulasch). Look for the desired goulash in the restaurants:

D’Landsknecht (Porzellangasse 13);
Bierhof (Haarhof 3);
Müllerbeisl (Seilerstätte 15).
The prices for this food in Vienna range from 10.90 € (D’Landsknecht) to 13.90 € (Müllerbeisl).
Vienna Strudel (Wiener Strudel)

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