What to eat for breakfast in different countries
The national cuisine of each state reflects its main cultural traditions. And it is not surprising that breakfasts in different countries of the world are completely different from each other.…

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Popular Korean Meat Dish
It is very difficult to talk about Korean cuisine with comedians from amateur performances. Do you know why, yes? Meanwhile, Korean cuisine is one of the most interesting in the…

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Crimean Chebureks
Every morning I will bow in my belt to a man who will unmistakably be able to distinguish a crescent square from traditional chebureks to taste. Why do traditional pasties…

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The most popular fast food in the world.

Fast food has long been an integral part of our lives. And although scientists warn of the harm caused by street food to health, few are willing to give it up.

Quick snacks are convenient and tasty and have already earned recognition in the field of gastronomic tourism. You simply must try these 10 popular dishes while traveling around the world.
Hamburgers in America
The United States is rightfully considered the birthplace of fast food. It was they who gave the world delicious buns with a patty, which won great love of people of different nationalities. Today, there are dozens of variations of cooking hamburgers: with cheese, eggs, vegetables, herbs and many sauces.

UK Fish and Potato Chips
Fried fish and potatoes

Once fried fish with deep-fried potatoes was an English national dish and was served exclusively in expensive restaurants in London. But soon the delicacy became so popular that enterprising Englishmen “brought” this food to the street and made junk food. Now mainly cod is prepared, less often haddock, flounder.

French fries in belgium
It was the Belgians who became the authors of the French fries, which is so loved around the world. And although the calorie content of this fast food is too high, fast food outlets in different countries serve it first of all. And some dishes are served as a snack.

Croissants in France
Delicate puff pastry bagels are an indispensable part of a traditional breakfast in France. Various fillings are added to croissants: fruit jams, chocolate, butter cream, as well as ham and cheese.

Pizza in Italy
Italian national dough cake with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce has become a real boom in the world of fast food. After all, many variations of pizza toppings simply can not be counted, and chefs around the world are coming up with their own original version. Is this not a foodie’s paradise?

Italian pizza

Pies in Poland
One of the popular Polish dishes, which has a bright taste both hot and slightly cooled. In appearance, Polish pies look like dumplings. Mushrooms, cabbage, potatoes, apples and chocolate are traditional options for filling pies.
Souvlaki in Greece
To cook souvlaki, pork or lamb, sometimes fish or chicken is first sprinkled with spices and pickled in olive oil. Only after the meat is sufficiently infused, it is strung on small skewers and fried over a fire. Souvlaki due to the specific taste of meat has gained immense popularity in many countries.

Burito in Mexico
Traditional tortillas in Mexico are made from thinly rolled dough called Tortillas. One half of them is stuffed with meat, a small amount of vegetables, hot pepper, cheese and necessarily traditional sauces, and the other side is covered. Tortillas have a very bright taste thanks to a special recipe and Mexican sauces.

Mexican tortillas

Spring Rolls in China
Rice paper rolls with deep-fried filling – a symbol of wealth among the Chinese. Previously, only wealthy Chinese could afford spring rolls and only in expensive restaurants. But after a little while, the dish became a kind of Chinese street food and gained popularity among the Asians of the middle and lower classes, and then conquered the whole world. The filling for rolls is made from meat, as well as mushrooms, vegetables, seafood and even sweets.

Sushi in Japan
This dish became popular back in the 1980s. The Japanese came up with rice and seafood wrapped in nori seaweed sheets. Later, when a traditional Japanese dish spread among gourmets of other nationalities, vegetables, cheese and even sweet filling were added to it. The secret of Japanese sushi in a certain form of rice, which can not be found on all counters in other countries.

Hot dogs are considered typically American food. On the one hand, this is true, because the consumption of hot dogs by the Americans has a long history, and on the other …

Let’s find out more about this world-famous variety of fast food and at the same time have a little fun, because the facts will be not only interesting, but also entertaining. So let’s go ….

1. Hot dogs came from ordinary sausages, which are mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey. But who, centuries later, came up with the idea of ​​putting a sausage in a cozy bun? Opinions on this score are contradictory, but one thing is clear – an amazing metamorphosis occurred with the sausage due to the ingenuity of immigrants from Austria and Germany of the 15-17th centuries.

And in fact, where was this supposed to happen, if not in the historical homeland of sausages and sausages? Three cities claim the championship – Austrian Vienna and German Frankfurt and Coburg. Chefs of Austrian-German origin not only came up with an ingenious way of decorating sausages, but also brought it to America, where the new dish became a bestseller.

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