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Best Venice Restaurants

Traveling to Venice is a fairy tale that you want to remember for a lifetime. And the restaurants of the Veneto capital can certainly become part of this adventure: refined, fashionable and chic.

Where the great Ernest Hemingway liked to be, where you can admire the most beautiful landscapes and where it is not embarrassing to invite the kings themselves – we go on an express tour of the best restaurants in Venice.
Enoteca Ai Artisti
Enoteca Ai Artisti, ItalyEnoteca Ai Artisti is the favorite “brainchild” of the talented spouses Vincenzo and Francesca. He was always fond of Italian wine culture, she enthusiastically mastered the culinary art. As a result, a beautiful wine restaurant was born, well known today to both residents and guests of Venice. Visitors here are always waiting for a warm welcome and the joy of exploring the best wines of Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany and other regions of Italy.

The enoteca hall, chamber and very comfortable, is designed for only 7 small tables. In the warmer months, you can sit under an umbrella on the street and sip your signature cool Spritz with pleasure. In addition to excellent Italian alcohol, the discerning public is offered a decent selection of meat, fish and seafood dishes. Restaurant food prices are in line with the Venice average. The average check for two with wine is 140 €.

Riviera Ristorante, Italy A delightful restaurant right on the banks of the Grand Canal – the best place for a romantic evening. People come here to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine, a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere, a sense of harmony and love. Everything here: from a friendly host who personally greets visitors to a waiter in a hurry to call, are set to give you the most precious memory of Venice.

Guests are offered an extensive tasting menu (11 items – 160 €), as well as excellent Italian desserts and wines. The cost of 2-3 dishes from the a la carte menu is from 65 € to 90 €. You can only book a table for a company of up to 5 people.

Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo, 1473

Terrazza Danieli
Terrazza Danieli, Italy Terrazza Danieli is a short walk from San Marco, and it is the undisputed leader in the ranking of Venice’s best restaurants with panoramic views. The terrace offers classic postcard views of the Venetian lagoon and the Grand Canal. At any time of the day, this picture fascinates with its beauty.

But we must pay tribute: the restaurant’s cuisine is also able to inspire. The culinary creations of chef Alberto Fall are an exceptional ticket to the world of gastronomic pleasures. You can buy it for 140-190 € – this is how much the original tasting menu costs, including 6 delicious dishes performed by the master. The best expensive wines from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and other countries of the world are perfectly combined with them.

Riva degli Schiavoni, 4196

Locanda cipriani restaurant
Locanda Cipriani Restaurant, ItalyLegendary restaurant on the island of Torcello, many Italians call the best in Venice. Its founder is Giuseppe Cipriani, the author of the famous Bellini cocktail and the creator of such chic establishments as Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Harry’s Bar (both in Venice) and Villa Cipriani (in Asolo). The restaurant’s assets include the authoritative mark of the Michelin Plate Red Guide for excellently prepared and tasty food.

It is generally believed that Locanda Cipriani gained worldwide fame after Ernest Hemingway visited it. In particular, in the autumn of 1948, while living on an island, the writer worked on the novel “Beyond the River in the Shade of Trees.” He also came here later with his wife Mary.
Among the distinguished guests of Locanda Cipriani were also Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Winston Churchill, Igor Stravinsky, Maria Callas, Somerset Maugham, Marc Chagall, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts, Sir Elton John, Steven Spielberg and many other famous personalities from the world of politics and art.

The halls of the restaurant are elegant, spacious, bright, with large windows overlooking the flowering garden. In summer, guests can enjoy the outdoor terrace. The recipes are dominated by homemade pasta, vegetables, meat and fish. A refined addition to them will be the best wines of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The average check for one person is about 80 €.

Piazza Santa Fosca, 29 Torcello

Restaurant Oro, ItalyBefore you can plunge into the magic of the unusual Oro cuisine, you will find a small but pleasant journey through the water. The restaurant is located in the building of the luxurious Belmond Hotel Cipriani on the island of Judecca – you can get here only by boat from the pier near St. Mark’s Square.

The ball in Oro is ruled by the talented chef Bisetto. He personally selects the best ingredients and creates incredibly beautiful culinary images based on them. Neat little tortellini with duck foie gras filling, the rarest blue lobster, big hedgehogs with sea urchin – each dish in the restaurant becomes an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

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