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French desserts

French cuisine is a special world of gastronomic delights, where sweets and pastries are one of the important places. French desserts are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent, each of them is a small work of art. Going on a trip, get ready to go to heaven for a sweet tooth and try the best local goodies.
The history of the appearance in France of these tender miniature custard pastries with cream is rather mysterious. According to some sources, the Italian chef Catherine de Medici began making dough for profiteroles in the 16th century. Others completely reject this version, claiming that cakes appeared only in the XVII century.

The first printed recipe for profiteroles appeared in 1827 in the UK. The cookbook was published by the French expatriate Louis Eustache Ude, a former cook of King Louis XVI. Be that as it may, profiteroles and eclairs (prepared according to the same recipe, but in the form of long tongues) have long become classic French sweets.

Profiteroles – cream cakes

You can buy profiteroles in France in almost any supermarket, their cost is 9.8-10.5 € per 1 kg. In Paris restaurants profiteroles can be tasted for dessert (portion – about 11-12 €). Most often they are served with ice cream and warm chocolate sauce.

Croquembouche (croquembouche) – a traditional wedding cake in France – is a dessert in the form of a large mountain of beautifully laid out and caramel-bonded profiteroles. Decorate it with candied flowers, caramel threads, add nuts and fruits.

Meringue or meringue
These are airy snow-white cakes made from whipped sugar with proteins with a romantic name, which translates as “kiss”. Their light, surprisingly delicate taste actually resembles a soft touch of the lips. In France, meringues are cooked crispy and badly baked.

Dessert floating islands

Meringues of various sizes are sold in all stores (from 2 € per 100 g), and in the menu of many cafes and restaurants in Paris with French cuisine you can find a particularly delicious dessert “Floating Islands” (ile flottante). It consists of meringues on a layer of delicate cream, often decorated with caramel and hazelnuts. This airy soft treat, literally melting in your mouth, is one of the French favorite desserts. In Paris, you can try it, for example, in the Bouillon Racine restaurant for 8 €.
Chocolate Mousse (mousse au chocolat)
French chefs use a special technology of whipping chocolate mousse, making the dessert very light and airy. Translated from French, mousse means foam, and this word perfectly conveys the delicate structure of goodies. Mousses are very diverse: fruit, cream, coffee, but still chocolate – the most popular in France.

Chocolate Mousse

It is said that the recipe for chocolate mousse was invented by the French artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec at the beginning of the last century. He decided to try combining whipped egg whites with chocolate. The original name of the dessert sounded like mayonnaise de chocolat – “chocolate mayonnaise.”
A jar of mousse au chocolat (100 g) costs 2-2.5 €. In Paris, delicious chocolate mousse is prepared in the restaurant Les Cocottes de Christian, portion – 7.5 €.

French fried hazelnut dessert with sugar is soft or hard. Confectioners create candies from roasting with the addition of fruits, sesame seeds, poppy seeds. The result is completely unique tastes.

Nuts roasting

The birthplace of roasting is Turkey. And according to one version, the sweetness was invented by the famous heroine of fairy tales “1001 Nights” by Scheherazade. So she wanted to please the Sultan and avoid death.
Barbecue desserts are not always found in cafes in France, but barbecue candies are sold in stores at a price of 1.8 € per kg.

Creme brulee (Crème brûlée)
The divine caramel flavor of creme brulee conquered the whole world, and this is one of the most famous desserts in France. It is prepared from yolks, sugar and cream, then burned with a special burner until a caramel crust is obtained from above. The classic recipe also contains vanilla, but today in the restaurants and cafes of Paris you can try the most varied versions of goodies: with lemon, pistachios, cinnamon, orange.

Caramel creme brulee dessert

You can taste the popular dessert not only in restaurants (4.5-5.5 € per serving). French supermarkets sell jars of creme brulee (1-1.5 € per 100 g).

Around the appearance of creme brulee, there was much debate. The origin of the dessert is attributed to itself by England and Spain. But the French are firmly convinced that the cream of brulee was invented by François Messialo, the chef of King Louis XIV. They have undeniable evidence – Messialo was the first to describe his recipe in a French cookbook at the end of the 17th century.
The birthplace of calisson – a traditional French dessert in the form of small almond-shaped sweets – Provence. And until now, most of these sweets are made here.

Kalissons are made from almond mass with candied melon, laid on a thin layer of dough and coated with protein glaze with sugar on top.

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