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Cooking sheet music mill

I do not promise that while reading this text you will drool to the floor, or you will valyatstsa under the table, neigh and be in shock. This text, in fact, is not quite for LJ; it is hardly suitable even for a book. But this time it’s very important for me not to discuss some people and their actions, not to talk about events or given, today I want to share an idea that is very important to me. It will be interesting to read, maybe not for everyone, but I sincerely hope that there are at least a few people who can talk to me about it and together we can formulate some thoughts more accurately than I can do now.

The idea is simple and, in short, it consists in this:
food obeys the same laws of harmony as music.

All products are sheet music.

Oils and fats – bass, low notes. Sound for a long time, at first glance, it seems that it is not very loud, but they are like the foundation and foundation on which everything rests.

Spices, or rather, most spices – top, high notes. Sometimes they even do not have a certain tonality, but still sound bright, piercing – like cymbals on a drum kit, like maracas, or even just a clink between closely spaced thin strings.

The meat most often sounds like a male voice and its height depends on what kind of meat it is. The entire orchestra is built in such a way as to emphasize its sound and not interrupt it.

Bird and sometimes fish are female voices. Often they can replace men’s voices, but sometimes they are unique and inimitable. There are dishes where neither poultry instead of meat, nor meat instead of poultry will fit in any way.

All vegetables, fruits, beans, cereals, anything else – these are also notes.

Between products, as well as between notes of a scale, stable combinations appear that are pleasant to human perception. Torts, quarts, fifths and other combinations of notes are constantly used in music, few people think of inventing something new and rebuilding the tonality of strings or shifting frets on musical instruments.

Onions and carrots are undoubtedly a third. Depending on the type of processing, this culinary third can be played in both minor and major.

Consonance with meat is easily built down from the onion. And remember the simplest meat and onion dishes – are they tasty? Well, yes, somewhere else there is bass in the form of fat or oil, but there is also barbecue, with which raw onions look quite harmonious.

Other note products, such as tomatoes, are easily attached to onions and carrots. Onion, tomato, carrot, tomato – all this also sounds quite harmonious.

But in addition to harmonious harmonies in music, there is also the concept of dissonance. Is there a dissonance in cooking? Undoubtedly! As in music, culinary dissonance arises when two closely related notes are played simultaneously. Here, take a slice of lemon with a tomato and tell me – is it delicious? Or let’s go where it is even brighter: put a slice of no less delicious butter on a piece of delicious smoked bacon. How is it for you? True, better individually?

But lemon with sugar – why is it tasty for us? It seems to me that acidic foods are in the high part of the grocery scale, and sweet foods are in the lower part. But, it may well be that the groove scale does not quite fit into the linear scale, which is quite justified by mathematics. Maybe it’s not quite right to line up the products in one line, but on the contrary, they should be laid out not even on the plane, so that it would be possible not only to move them left and right, but also up and down, farther and closer. Here are the two products that sound in an octave? I do not know. Maybe you find the answer?

In addition to pitch, notes also have durations. What is cooking duration? Apparently, the size and method of slicing.

Notes can have various sound extraction methods. With one method, the notes sound dry and jerky, sharply increasing in volume and stopping to sound just as sharply. Sound with another method of performance increases gradually and also gradually disappears. Do you think this does not find its reflection in cooking? You are mistaken! On the plate, quite often there are such products that do not immediately make themselves felt, you will hear their taste only when you bite. The aftertaste is not quite a method of performance, it is rather a reverb that does not occur at the will of the musician, but in view of the characteristics of the room where the music is performed. But imagine a plate with different products, the taste of which sounds individually, and each next one interrupts the previous one completely. But it can be vice versa. If the products were cooked together, for example, along with some kind of sauce, then their taste smoothly flows from one to another. The musicians learned staccato and legato, right?

Ways to process products is like … it’s like extracting the same notes on different instruments. A frying pan, a pan, a cauldron, a stove, a red-hot grill, a barbecue, a double boiler – what are these not tools for? After all, even a knife with a board is also quite a tool for a kitchen orchestra.

Who is the cook in the kitchen? Composer? Probably not! All plays have been written a long time ago and most cooks are … arranger

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