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What is food porn? (a story about how to eat Ferghana pilaf correctly)
Pornography is a reflection of sexual behavior in literature, images, sculptures, films, etc. with the aim of causing sexual arousal. Food and sex are equivalent for the continuation of the…

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What is food porn? (a story about how to eat Ferghana pilaf correctly)

Pornography is a reflection of sexual behavior in literature, images, sculptures, films, etc. with the aim of causing sexual arousal.

Food and sex are equivalent for the continuation of the human race. Therefore, talking about food and sex acts on a person equally exciting – instincts work.

Until today, I talked exclusively about cooking, but almost never talked about eating it, finding this process too intimate. In addition, I did not know how not to cross the thin line between food-erotica and food-pornography and not cause aversion to physiology.

Today I present to you the first experience in this area, a story about how to eat Ferghana pilaf.

I taught this pilaf to cook, it seems, already everyone. As a last resort, read a new book (do not ask when it will be released, please) and everything will fall into place. But I see that many people have no idea about the rational use of pilaf, which is where the legs of all the conversations about the “harm” of this wonderful dish come from.

How to eat Ferghana pilaf
Start cooking pilaf – make tea. Drink two or three bowls of green tea and continue to drink further, but with dried fruits, nuts, or even just sugar, until you get drunk. This process can be combined with the preparation of products: cutting vegetables and meat, sorting out rice and so on.

Tea will empty the stomach, and a small amount of dried fruit or sugar will slightly reduce your appetite, which is not out of place – after all, pilaf is still valid for three hours and several rather severe trials!

How to eat Ferghana pilaf

The first test – cooks of fat tail fat. When you start cooking pilaf, they will be the first to be ready.

Do not try them – just stupid, they are so delicious. But if you eat them without preparation with the help of tea with dried fruits and sweets, then there is a danger not to resist and already eat them.

On the other hand, one should not think that roasting is an excessively fatty meal. Look at the cauldron – what is left there? Fat? That’s it. The fat is there, and in properly prepared burns it is predominantly connective tissue, protein, in other words. But if there is too much fat left, then there is nothing harmful in it, especially since you will have this sandwich with onions and bread, but it would be nice to add sumac. Onions and sums help digestion, so, God willing, you will find yourself fully armed with a good appetite for pilaf.

How to eat Ferghana pilaf

Yes, yes, I know that readers will remember best from my first book!

You can, a little bit possible.

It was not by chance that I put two glasses on the dastarkhan – this is the norm, but it would be better to divide it into two.

Honestly, this is enough for a good mood, because to get to pilaf to the smithereens drunk is simply stupid. If you need pilaf as a snack, the taste of which is no longer important, then sausage is cheaper and does not require so much time. If you want to appreciate the taste of pilaf, if you treat it as a work of art, then do not get drunk this time, drink only for a good mood. You will not go to a concert of classical music drunk? And pilaf is just a classic!

How to eat Ferghana pilaf

Put fruits and grapes on the table while you are cooking pilaf. Now is the time for them! It became boring – I ate grapes, nothing to do – I peeled an apple, cut it into slices and treated my interlocutors.

How to eat Ferghana pilaf

Is pilaf ready? There must be a shakarop ready. There is nothing simpler than this salad: very thinly chopped onions, thinly sliced ​​tomatoes, a little green chili as desired. Salt and mix before serving. Quite a lot of juice should form at the bottom of the cash register with the correctly prepared shakarop, which is actually called “shakar ob” – sweet water. This sweet water works better than any mezim, I assure you! A small amount of green chili is so simply useful, and that’s it.

But look at the pilaf. Rice, carrots, small pieces of meat, a whole head of garlic, a whole pod of hot pepper, quince, if season, and that bone with meat that was fried first.

How is it? Best of all – from the main dish, on which pilaf and served. When steaming rice, you can cover it with this particular dish, and the dish will be warmed up and the pilaf on it will stay hot longer. Unfolding pilaf on portioned plates cools it, and this is absolutely worthless! Pilaf is good exceptionally hot.

To make it pleasant for the peers to eat from one dish, do not scour the whole pilaf, but eat only on the one hand, from the segment that is closest to you.

Where to begin?

How to eat Ferghana pilaf

Of course, not from meat, not from garlic, and not even from pepper. All these products are important components of pilaf, but without any of them pilaf will still take place, and the main product of the classic pilaf is rice. Here is the rice and you must try first!

A spoonful of rice, try to get less carrots in it.
Another spoonful of rice. Got a taste?
Give us a spoonful of shakarop, now is the time to break up your appetite!

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