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Stalik Khankishiyev: Iranian holiday pilaf “Seven Beauties”

I wrote about this pilaf in my first book, but, trying not to frighten the reader with the difficulties and impending troubles, I described the preparation in the form of a compendium, and kept silent about the details. Yes, and illustrations for this stunning pilaf were unforgivably small.

As a result: not a single mention of the preparation of this pilaf by readers on the Internet. At the same time, the Iranian holiday pilaf – without a doubt – is worth the effort and time spent, and there is nothing particularly complicated in it, everything will turn out for a person who is confident and able to organize households as part of the production process in the kitchen.

Judge for yourself – what is difficult to remove with a peeler from oranges zest before letting them juice or eat? In this case, the zest can be removed in advance. Nothing terrible will happen if it even dries.

Then, still, soak it in boiling water, change the water several times. The cooled water must be drained from the zest and filled with fresh boiling water until the wax stops rising – can you see it on the surface of the water and along the sides of the bowl?

And then you need to take a sharp knife and cut the zest with thin strips.

And someone let him do chickens – he plucks out all the stumps from the feathers if they stayed and chop the bird into small pieces, sorting the wings and backs separately, the breast separately, and the legs and hips separately.

It is necessary to cut the onion with “feathers”, according to the meridian, not too finely.

Onions should be fried in ghee, gradually lowering the heat and stirring often, so as not to burn.

When the onion begins to exude a breathtakingly delicious aroma – lower those parts of the chicken that take longer to cook – wings and backs.
If you do not believe that onions can smell delicious, you should again read about self-cooking good ghee from fresh butter, and not take what is sold under this name in stores.

It would be nice to salt and pepper chicken, add ground zira.

Usually, turmeric is added with spices. But if suddenly you have real saffron, then you will rub it with sugar, boil boiling water and add this infusion to the cauldron. Because saffron is not only color, it is also the taste and aroma of a real holiday.

In addition to saffron, you can also add rose water, which you can buy in the markets – the most important thing is not to be shy to talk with people and not be afraid that they will not understand you. Understand, and even look at you with respect: “Wow, how a person understands food, eh?”
There is a temptation to use rose petals, but just keep in mind that not all roses are edible.
But some delicate floral aroma is very appropriate here, you keep that in mind, please.

Pieces of breast should be lowered when all other parts are ready in half. Lower, mix, close the cauldron with a lid and remove from heat. Everything will be fine, do not rush into discussions about the dangers of eating raw chicken.

Well, the first filling for pilaf, the first “beauty” is ready. If these hens knew what fate was destined for them, they would nibble their feathers on each other and bite their heads off.

In order to prepare the zest, ghee, sugar and zira should be put in the pan. Heat the pan over medium heat until the sugar melts.

Do not leave the pan, because you need to immediately spread the zest and pour three to four tablespoons of water, and then stir the zest until it is covered with caramel soaked in zira.

The zested zest is already delicious now, but you would know what it is … I ran ahead a lot!

With the rest of the fillings, everything is much simpler. Here the almonds just need to be soaked in boiling water and peeled off from it – with your fingers, fingers. And then cut along each nucleolus into three or four slices.

And in the same way, in oil, in a frying pan, until it starts to turn pink and smell delicious.

With pistachios all the same.

Just do not wait for the pistachios to turn pink – focus solely on the smell. Smells delicious, deliciously pistachios, drain!

Pitted dried apricots and fairly dry must be washed, dried and cut into slices. If the dried apricots are soft, moist, it will spread in the pilaf to hell knows what and spoil the whole mood. Buy dry – it’s more profitable! Why pay for water?

When frying dried fruits, the pan should not be too hot, because it is impossible for the sugar inside the dried fruits to caramelize and turn white or, God forbid, darken. Do you like the taste of burnt sugar? Another time then, okay? Today we are preparing pilaf worthy of the best representatives of humanity!

With grapes, in the sense of raisins, everything is exactly the same, only more cautious – you must often stir and sometimes remove the pan from the heat.

See, it is necessary that the berries swell and take their original shape. Then they give up again, but the oil, the oil in which they languished! You dip a slice of white bread into this butter,

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