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Street food in Vienna: what street food to try in the Austrian capital

As in many cities around the world, street food in Vienna is very diverse. These are Asian eateries, kebab stalls and market stalls with truly international cuisine.

But perhaps the most interesting for tourists is the street food that you can try in Austria. In other words, you will buy Chinese noodles in almost any European or Asian capital, but, for example, the famous Viennese sausages are unlikely to be able to eat anywhere else. Or, at least, no one guarantees that they will be as tasty as in Austria.
Popular street food in Vienna
Vienna sausages (Würstel)
Let’s start our acquaintance with Vienna street food with the most popular street food – Vienna sausages. They are sold in special kiosks (German Würstelstand – literally: “sausage stand”) and without fail – with Austrian beer or wine:

Käsekrainer (smoked sausage from minced pork with cheese);
Burenwurst (fried / cooked sausage with bacon);
Bratwurst (grilled pork sausage);
Sacherwürstel (smoked and cooked long and large sausages).
And this is not a complete list of items that you can try on the streets of Vienna.

Vienna sausages, street food

The cost of sausages (3,50 € -4,50 €), as a rule, bread and mustard are usually included. Other street food supplements (ketchup, curry sauce, pickles, etc.) cost 40-70 cents.

10 places to eat tasty and cheap in Vienna
Würstel is a very satisfying, inexpensive and tasty street food, in Austria it is incredibly popular among the residents of Vienna and among tourists. In the city center, “sausage stands” can be seen everywhere. The best in the capital of Austria are Bitzinger Würstelstand Albertina (address: Augustinerstrasse 1), Würstelstand Leo (Doeblinger Guertel 2), Wiener Würstl (Seilergasse 1).

Ham Bun (Leberkäsesemmel)
Of course, this kind of street food in Vienna cannot be called just a bun. If only because, outwardly, it does not really resemble a regular hamburger. Leberkäse is a special type of Austrian ham that looks like a loaf of bread. Slices of such “ham bread” are also used as a filling for Leberkäsesemmel. Usually they add mustard or another sauce to taste.

Viennese ham bun

You can buy Leberkäsesemmel in almost every Würstelstand in Vienna. Such a bun costs from 2.60 €. And in a place called Leberkas-Pepi (Operngasse 12), you can try other original variations of this street food.

Bun with Schnitzel (Schnitzelsemmel)
As with Leberkäsesemmel, this Viennese street food is very much like a hamburger. True, the role of the filling for him is not a cutlet, but a schnitzel.

Street food in Vienna

Perhaps the schnitzel, which is put in Schnitzelsemmel, can not be compared with what is served in Viennese restaurants. However, for street food, this is quite a tasty and satisfying snack option. The price of this type of street food starts from 3,20 €. On the streets of Vienna, you can try it with fresh vegetables (lettuce, tomatoes, onions), sauce or ketchup.
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Baked Chestnuts (Maroni)
Baked chestnuts are a popular Christmas treat, which, however, does not exclude the possibility to try it at other times of the year.

Street food in Vienna

Unusual street food in Vienna is sold in small paper bags – as if it was created for leisurely and romantic walks in the capital of Austria. Depending on the size of the bag, Maroni costs from 2 € to 5 €. They are sold at the so-called Maroni-Stände in Vienna (Walter & Mary’s Sommerstation am Wasserpark, beim Parkplatz and others).
Baked Potato (Bratkartoffeln)
Appetizing slices of crispy baked potatoes with cheese, sour cream, onions, bacon, ham and other toppings – a typical street food in Vienna for Christmas.

Street food in Vienna
This street treat is sold, as a rule, on the same “stand” as chestnuts, and also in small bags.

A little more about popular street food in Austria
If you have no prejudice against international cuisine, then the streets of Vienna will be a real find for you. Here you can easily find:

pizza (it is sold portionwise, on triangular plates, for example, on Schwedenplatz);
burekas and falafel (say, at Brunnenmarkt);
kebabs (the most famous are Berliner Döner);
sandwiches (Mr Fly’s offers an amazing assortment);
burrito (exclusively natural – in Wrapstars);
and also – waffles, hamburgers, egg noodles and other dishes of Asian, American and European cuisine.
In addition to stands, kiosks and vans, Vienna has a lot of regular and seasonal food markets, which offer a wide variety of street food from all over the world. The largest will be organized on Christmas Eve.

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