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Best Austrian desserts and sweets worth a try

It is not by chance that Austrian desserts are considered an example of classical confectionery art – they are widely known outside the country, and recipes of local sweets are included in popular cookbooks. Therefore, if you find yourself in Austria, be sure to try at least a few of the best national desserts.

Apple strudel (Apfelstrudel)
A delicate puff roll with apple, cinnamon, sugar and raisins is perhaps familiar even to those who don’t really like sweets. But few people know that it was in Vienna that they baked it for the first time.

Literally translated, Apfelstrudel means “apple vortex.” This is how tourists who first tried the original dessert in Vienna often describe their feelings. The dough for the classic strudel is made from premium flour, water and oil and should be as thin as possible.

Apple strudel

The Vienna Cafe Residenz, located at Schönbrunn Palace, periodically hosts the so-called Strudel Show. The baker rolls the dough so thinly that you can read the newspaper through it.
The Eiles Café is a good place to explore the classic strudel in Vienna. A piece of apple roll (4 €) and Viennese coffee (3,5 €), wonderful atmosphere and elegant atmosphere will make you feel like a real Austrian.

Kaiserschmarrn (Kaiserschmarrn)
Dessert with the unpronounceable name “Kaiserschmarrn”, in fact, is an omelet cut into pieces, fried to a delicious crunch and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Its name “imperial omelet” was received in honor of the Austrian ruler Franz Joseph, who loved this delicacy very much.

Dessert Kaiserschmarrn

For added sweetness, Kaiserschmarrn is served in Vienna with plum jam and vanilla sauce. You can try as many as 8 types of this traditional Austrian dessert in the Heindls cafe, where it is cooked with apricots, walnuts and lingonberries, slices of pear, sour cream and rum, hazelnuts and other chic ingredients. The cost of a small frying pan is € 10.80, a tasting portion is € 4.80. If desired, you can choose almost any fruit and sauces for dessert.

Ishler Cakes (Ischler Törtchen)
Ishl cakes deserve special mention. Traditionally, in Austria they are considered Christmas cookies, but in many pastry shops, a popular treat is served all year round. Two shortcakes of shortcrust pastry are interconnected due to the delicate chocolate cream filling, covered with a layer of chocolate glaze and decorated with pistachio.

Ishl cakes

10 dishes of Austrian cuisine that a tourist needs to try
The famous Austrian pastry chef Richard Kurt came up with dessert in the 50s of the last century, when he worked at the Zauner patisserie in the mountain resort Bad Ischl. This place is considered the “small homeland” of famous sweets. By the way, the patisserie still welcomes guests, 500 grams of dessert here cost 11 €. You can also try the cake in Vienna. For example, in the cafe Sluka its price is 5 €.

Cardinal Cake (Kardinalschnitte)
The Cardinal cake is not the most famous of Austrian sweets, but once you try it, it is already impossible to forget. Delicate, airy, lovers of exquisite and unusual desserts will definitely like it.

Cardinal cake

Kardinalscnitte was first cooked in Vienna’s L. Heiner in 1933 on the occasion of the great Catholic feast. In the context, the finished dessert had the colors of the Vatican flag. Strips of biscuit dough turned yellow during baking (the hue was enhanced by the use of apricot confiture), and a layer of meringue became white. So the classic cake in Austria is prepared today.

In the Vienna Aida confectionery, there are 3 options for choosing “Cardinal” that are immediately available for choosing a sweet tooth: with the taste of coffee, vanilla and raspberry. The price of dessert is € 3.60.
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Salzburg Nockerln (Salzburger Nockerln)
Not only Viennese sweets are known all over the world. So, Salzburg is famous for unusual desserts. His Nockerln – the name of the delicacy in Russian can be roughly translated as “dumplings” – resembles a tender souffle, the basis for which is mixed with yolks, flour, sugar. Proteins are whipped separately until they take the form of stable peaks, after which they are mixed into the test. From the resulting mass, dumplings are formed, which are baked on a very low fire. Serve sweets with powdered sugar or raspberry sauce.

It is believed that the Salzburger Nockerln personify the snow-capped mountain peaks surrounding Salzburg. Dessert owes its appearance to the beautiful Salome Alt, the daughter of a local merchant who lived at the beginning of the 17th century.

In 1938, the Austrian composer F. Raymond wrote the operetta Saison in Salzburg (Salzburger Nockerln), in the text of which the dessert was called “sweet as love and as tender as a kiss”.
Once in Salzburg, of course, one can not help but try the legendary dumplings. For example, in S’Nockerl im Elefant, according to your order, they will be prepared in just 25 minutes. A serving will cost € 14.90.

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