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What to eat for breakfast in different countries

The national cuisine of each state reflects its main cultural traditions. And it is not surprising that breakfasts in different countries of the world are completely different from each other.

Some people prefer nutritious high-calorie foods and large portions, and others have enough light snacks. So what do they eat for breakfast in different countries and corners of our planet?
Japanese-style breakfast consists of several dishes at once and may seem unusual to Europeans. In the mornings, they often eat steamed or boiled rice with pickled fruits or vegetables and, of course, seasonal baked fish.

Japanese omelet

Another indispensable dish is miso soup (for example, with seaweed, tofu, river shells). Fermented beans (Natto) and traditional Japanese omelet (Tamago-Yaki) are also served. The most common drink is green tea.

Chinese breakfast may vary by region. One of the most popular dishes is the buttery flour made from wheat flour, which is dipped in hot soy milk (dòujiāng yóutiáo). In the West, it is sometimes called donuts, although Chinese food does not look much like them.

And for breakfast in the country, they are happy to eat steamed cakes with sweet or savory fillings (bāozi), bean pudding (dòuhuā) with meat and soy sauce or, conversely, sugar syrup and ginger.

The morning menu often includes wheat or rice noodles, rice dumplings (zòngzi), wontons (húntún) – they resemble dumplings and are often cooked with minced pork or vegetable fillings – as well as rice porridge with pickled vegetables, fermented tofu or meat.

Morning food in Vietnam may come as a surprise to Europeans. Various soups are very fond of the country, there are a lot of them, but the most popular, perhaps, is called “pho”. It is its locals who most often eat for breakfast. There are many varieties of this soup. But always on the list of ingredients: meat broth, pieces of meat and long rice noodles.

Soup ph

Other common breakfast dishes in the country include Bánh mì (an inexpensive fast food sandwich), Xôi (glutinous rice base with toppings), Bánh cuốn (a kind of pancake made from rice dough with minced meat), Bò né (fried beef with fried eggs, vegetables and baguette).

Great Britain
The English breakfast almost became a byword, because it is one of the most nutritious and unhurried in the world.

Breakfast in English

The most popular breakfast dishes in the country are fried eggs, fried sausages, puddings, crispy slices of fried bacon, tomatoes, stewed beans or fried mushrooms, as well as toasts with butter and jam. And most importantly – this abundance is served not at choice, but immediately together! With minor variations, such a traditional morning meal exists in other countries of the world, for example, in Ireland.
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Breakfast in Spain is usually light. Immediately after sleep, no one here will eat meat or fish. But in the morning in the country they like to treat themselves to delicious donuts called “churros”. They are served with a cup of thick hot chocolate, which is dipped in before eating. Other popular sweet foods are biscuits (galletas) and magdalenas muffins.

Churros with Chocolate

And the Spaniards eat toast (breakfast) or sandwiches (bocadillos) with jamon and other fillings for breakfast and the famous potato omelet – tortilla. The most popular sandwich is called Pan Con Tomate. It is prepared from toasted bread, which is rubbed with tomato pulp, garlic and sprinkled with olive oil.

Italian breakfast is a sweet tooth’s dream. It combines two national passions – for coffee and for baking. That’s why one of the most popular varieties of morning meals in the country is a cornetto – an Italian croissant – with a cup of cappuccino.

Italian croissant

In addition to cornetto, Italians eat for breakfast and other pastries: crispy biscotti cookies, fruit crostat pie and cannoli wafer rolls. But toasts, ham and pizza at the beginning of the day are found on the table of Italians much less often.
The traditional breakfast in Jamaica is quite unusual. It is made from “salted fish” (mackerel or sardine) and aki tropical fruit – they just cut and stew them with onions and peppers. Interestingly, after frying, the aki fruit becomes very similar to scrambled eggs, both in taste and in appearance.

Unusual jamaican breakfast

Also for breakfast in the country you can try fried bananas, breadfruit and local leafy callaloo vegetable (it is fried with onions and garlic). The final chord in Jamaican breakfast is Johnny pies, which are traditionally served with grilled salted fish. And in the country they are eaten with jam, butter and cheese, bacon, ham or eggs.

Moroccan breakfast is primarily cakes, which are served with all kinds of additives: butter, orange, strawberry and peach jam, olives, fresh fruits, yogurt, goat cheese.

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