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Breakfast in Israel

Jews take breakfast seriously. In their opinion, a morning meal should be tasty, satisfying and varied. What do they prefer to eat for breakfast in Israel?

Israeli breakfast features
A traditional Jewish breakfast has its own rules. For example, in the morning in Israel it is not customary to serve meat, but you can eat dairy products, eggs, pastries, salads, fish and various spreads. The fact is that Jews do not eat dairy and meat dishes at the same time. In the morning, cheeses and cottage cheese are traditionally served, so meat is excluded.

Why don’t Jews eat pork and seafood
A traditional Israeli breakfast has its own story. In the early years of the state’s existence, Jews had breakfast in the common dining room, where food was offered as a buffet. The meal was hearty and varied so that people would gain strength for hard work. The tradition of serving such a breakfast in Israel has been preserved and taken root.

Now local hotels offer guests breakfast in this form – the guests themselves choose what they like best. And the offer is impressive: hot, different types of bread and rolls, all kinds of cheeses, cottage cheese, fish, salads, sauces, snacks, desserts, fresh and pickled vegetables, fruits.

Breakfast in the hotel

A traditional breakfast in a cafe in Israel will not disappoint either. Here you will most likely get a main course, salad, a basket of fresh pastries, a set of small jars of hummus, jam, avocado, soft cheese, and maybe also a plate of muesli with honey, nuts, yogurt and fruit. And, of course, they will bring a drink: juice, coffee or tea. Such an impressive set in a small cafe in Israel will cost about 45-60 shekels. If you are not used to eating so densely in the morning, then feel free to order one breakfast for two.

An interesting detail: in Israeli cafes you can order breakfast at any time of the day. It is eaten at least for lunch, at least for dinner. And, by the way, many people do so – this traditional breakfast in Israel is very satisfying.

This is the most popular main course that Jews eat for breakfast. It is served hot right in the pan in almost all Israeli cafes. Shakshuka is made from eggs, ripe tomatoes and other vegetables. Various spices, such as paprika and black pepper, are also added. The dish looks very appetizing and bright. The taste of shakshuki perfectly complements freshly baked bread.

Hummus is a very common snack in Israel. It has the appearance of mashed potatoes made from chickpeas, with the addition of sesame paste, lemon juice, olive oil, paprika and garlic. Other ingredients can be found in hummus: feta, pumpkin, greens, tomatoes, hot chili peppers. The value of this snack is in its high content of protein and iron. Usually Jews eat hummus, spreading on bread.

Baba Ganush
Baba Ganush also has a puree structure. Eggplant food is prepared with the addition of olive oil, lemon, sesame and other seasonings.

For the dish choose ripe eggplant, which is baked on charcoal. Thanks to this, the appetizer acquires a special aroma of grill.
Israeli salad
A traditional Israeli salad has a simple recipe, but enjoys continued success. A salad is prepared from fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Sometimes there are other ingredients: parsley, bell pepper, chives, carrots. Vegetables are cut into small cubes, the greens are crushed, after which everything is evenly mixed. As a dressing, use a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper and salt. Such a simple and tasty salad is also often eaten for breakfast in Israel.

Israeli salad

Where to have breakfast in Tel Aviv
A traditional Israeli breakfast is eaten slowly, enjoying the taste and enjoying life. They know a lot about food and consider it frivolous to skip a morning meal. If you want to try everything that is eaten for breakfast in Israel, drop by a good local cafe.

Cafe xoho
This cafe in Tel Aviv offers delicious breakfasts. Huge portions, delicious shakshuka, fine muesli and great pastries. And also wonderful unforgettable coffee.

Café Xoho in Tel Aviv

The interior is youthful and extraordinary, especially lovers of cats will appreciate it – multi-colored purples on the walls will cheer you up. Vegetarians will find in the menu a lot of suitable dishes and, by the way, very tasty. Traditionally, breakfast can be ordered all day. Pleasing low prices, a morning meal will cost about 40-50 shekels.

Benedict is another very good place for breakfast in Tel Aviv, and is open 24 hours a day. Especially a lot of visitors in the morning, so you may have to stand in line a little. And if you are not inclined to wait, you can book a table in advance.

The menu has several breakfast options. Large selection of sweet pastries. Fast good service, great atmosphere, comfortable interior. You can eat both in the hall and on the outdoor terrace. The cost of breakfast is 60-70 shekels.

Bucke is a great place to start the day. Here you will find a real Israeli breakfast – shakshuka is one of the best in Tel Aviv.

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