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Main Belgian sweets and desserts

Almost every Belgian city has its own sweet “attraction” – a delicacy that is made only there.

For example, the province of Liège is famous for its delicious creamy meringues, and in the institutions of Bruges you can try something new every day: caramel biscuit, almond cake or corrugation waffles. In Ghent, the largest city in East Flanders, one cannot ignore the miniature Gents-Mokken cakes. Well, the best Belgian biscuits are baked in the province of Namur, in the town of Dinan.

There are also very special desserts in the country, which absolutely all Belgians like to treat themselves to. Such sweets can be tasted here almost everywhere: in cozy pastry shops or from street stalls. You will also like Belgian delicacies – especially since some of them outside the country are impossible to try.

These sweet donuts are deep-fried and generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. They turn out shapeless, because they scoop up the dough with a spoon and then scrape it off. However, donut lovers are delighted with such a bizarre shape – it seems that the more intricate it is, the more interesting is the taste of the dessert.

Sweet donuts

Traditionally, crustillons are prepared in Belgium during festivals and fairs, sometimes called “smoutebollen”. In neighboring Netherlands, a similar dessert is known as oliebollen. Croustillons are also considered popular Belgian street food. Their usual price is about 6 € per serving (4-5 pcs.).

Cuberdons are original dark purple jelly candies that can only be tasted in Belgium. They are eaten exclusively fresh (the shelf life of sweets is only 3 weeks) and are not exported outside the country, because over time the filling hardens.

The homeland of sweets is East Flanders. The wives of the fishermen began to make them first, having come up with a ridiculous name – “Ghent spouts.” In other regions of Belgium, dessert is called differently: “bumblebee butt” or “cap of cure.”
The classic version of cuberdon is a fun chocolate caps, inside of which a “jelly-like” filling of currant or raspberry juice is “hidden”. Sweets have a rich berry aroma and a long sweet aftertaste. Trying them is a must! The price of cuberdons is from 2 to 4 € for 10 pcs.

Mattentart is the culinary pride of Gerardsbergen, one of the oldest cities in East Flanders. The sweet recipe appeared in the 16th century, when Belgian farmers did not know how to store milk for a long time and made cottage cheese from it. Subsequently, the curd was also used for the preparation of desserts.

Curd Baking

Mattentart is a sweet pastry with air filling. It is made from sugar, eggs and local cottage cheese. Puff pastry is placed in the molds, filled with curd filling, covered with dough again on top and baked. The result is stunning with a harmonious combination of insanely tender toppings and a crispy basket. Serve dessert chilled.

The classic version of mattentart is produced only in the city of Gerardsbergen. This is the first Flemish regional product that is protected by a European mark – a certificate of geographical origin.
In early August, in Gerardsbergen, a traditional holiday is held – Mattentart Day. But you can try dessert in the city on other days, of course. Its price is 1,5-2 € for 1 pc.
Cook de Dinant (Couque de Dinant)
“Gingerbread from Dinan” – a dessert originally from southern Belgium. It is a large cookie with an unusual taste, crunchy, very dense, one might even say hard. The dough for him is kneaded on flour with honey in equal proportions and baked at high temperature.

Gingerbread Cook de Dinan

Gingerbread Cook de Dinan is so tough that in Belgium there is even a tradition, as it is right. The delicacy is broken into small pieces and put in the mouth – it melts like a candy.

In the XIV century, the inhabitants of Dinan survived the siege of the city by the army of the Burgundian Duke only thanks to gingerbread cookies. The Belgians ate couque de Dinant when the bread and the rest of the food ran out.
It’s hard to eat “Gingerbread from Dinan”, but you can enjoy them for a long time. Most often they are bought as souvenirs. Sweets are different – in the form of fruits or berries, flowers, cute little animals. Often, bakers manage to place on them more information about the sights of Belgium or important historical events. Price – an average of 5 € for 1 pc.

Antwerp Pens (Antwerpse Handjes)
Such cookies in the form of palms can not be found anywhere else in the world. The history of the Antwerp Pens dessert is connected with the legend of a giant who levied duties on ships that passed along the Scheldt River.

Peche Antwerp Pens

If some ship tried to dodge the giant, he raged and punished the sailors. But there was a brave man – Roman legionnaire Silvius Brabo, who opposed unjust penalties. He defeated the giant, chopping off his hands and throwing them into the river. In the Great Square, the townspeople erected a monument to the brave man, and the theme of the palms has since been played everywhere in Antwerp.

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