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Bartending – World Trends

In the modern world, bar culture is changing along with society. Bartenders of the world’s leading bars, practitioners and mixology theorists point to a number of pronounced mainstream and their impact on the world of cocktails.
Positive wellness

Positive wellness or, more simply, personal care for your loved ones. It is understanding and accepting yourself as you are, positive thinking, life today, and not later, and many other fashionable things, including “follow your dream” and “communicate only with those who make you smile.”
For positive consumers, the naturalness of products, the lack of synthetics and pesticides, more organics and freshness are very important. Nobody considers “boring” healthy food and drinks anymore, now these are sources of health, youth and pleasure, the consumer requires maximum greens and superfoods.

Features of Wellness Positive Cocktails:
– Cocktails based on freshly squeezed juices.
– Organic and healthy vegetable side dishes for cocktails. Especially popular now are side dishes from avocado, celery root and stem, cucumber, tarragon, cocktail side dishes with a floral base: elderberry, hibiscus, rose; side dishes based on mushrooms, goji berries, turmeric, matcha tea and green tea.
– The minimum amount of sugar in cocktails or its complete absence. As a substitute, you can use flavored, seltzer, coconut water or water infused with Kombucha.
– Minimum level of alcohol in cocktails or completely non-alcoholic cocktails like Seedlip.
– Wellness-positive guests want a wellness-positive bartender. They want to chat with him about what is interesting to them, to find out how much water he drinks per day, how many kilometers he runs in the mornings, and which smoothies he prefers after dinner.

Eco-trend and environmental care
Today, every conscious inhabitant of the planet believes that it is with him that the salvation of planet Earth begins, and makes every effort to do this. It is completely logical that, choosing a place where you can drink your favorite cocktail, the consumer chooses an institution with the same eco-values.

Eco-trend in bartending:
– Waste optimization. For example, the use of all the ingredients of a cocktail: pulp into a cocktail, and the peel and seeds into tinctures / sauces / vinegars.
– Biodegradable dishes, for example, bamboo or vegetable straws, edible glasses. Or here’s another – a frequent occurrence when the bartender is asked to make a cocktail in the visitor’s own cup.
– Use of local products, for example, homemade vegetables, fruits, honey from a neighboring apiary, greens grown in your garden. A bright chip may be the use of wild local plants in a cocktail to obtain unusual tastes, for example, forest cones, juniper berries, pine needles.
– Seasonality of products and updating the cocktail menu in accordance with the season. We eat and drink what nature gives us here and now.

Surprise me!
The modern world is rushing forward in full sail, the pictures around are changing at a frantic speed, and what was on the hype yesterday, today no one remembers. It’s hard to surprise consumers at such a busy pace. Difficult, but necessary.

How to surprise a cocktail:

– Appearance. We live in the time of social networks, and guests often perceive the appearance of a cocktail through the prism of pictures in their Instagram “Like / Not Like”. The more beautiful and unusual the design of the cocktail, the more likely it is that all the friends of the guest will know about it. Cocktails with delicate salmon shades with pink flavored gin and cocktails with sparkle, smoke and glowing neon cocktails are now especially popular.
– New unusual flavors are relevant: coffee, tea, hemp, mushrooms, umami and salty.
– Unusual aromas, while bartenders love to pick up something nostalgic. Also trending is musical accompaniment to cocktails.
– Foodpairing. Offer the perfect snack for a cocktail at a cocktail price. Yes, picking up a snack for a cocktail is not easy, but this is the trick.
– Storytelling. Tell a story / legend / fable about your cocktail. And even better – a joke. Make it unforgettable for the guest.
– Delivery of cocktails. Yes, delivery of cocktails to your home, office, park, and anywhere else is the trend that is actively gaining momentum.

Glocal trend
Glocal is a combination of global and local, global and local. The combination of cultures, but with an emphasis on the origins and roots. People travel a lot, live and work for several years in different countries, see different cultures, try different tastes, hear different languages, but remain themselves. And for them, a piece of their own culture is important.

How this trend is expressed in bartending:
– Unique cocktails with names of local attractions or cultural features and from local ingredients.
– Local ingredients are added to classic popular cocktails: tinctures on local herbs, specialties – soft drinks, liquors, etc.

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