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What to try in Barcelona

Cuisine of Barcelona – the main city of Catalonia – as if created for the holiday. All the dishes in this city are bright and aromatic, and each meal is accompanied by a special atmosphere.

In traditional Catalan dishes, seafood and mountains coexist in one plate. A characteristic feature of local cooking is a combination of sweet and savory, an abundance of fresh vegetables, fish and meat, generously flavored with olive oil. So what is the first thing to eat in Barcelona and where to do it?
Escudella d’Olla / Escudella d’Olla
Catalonia loves hot soup and two-in-one stews on cool winter days and windy spring. First, a broth is prepared from several types of meat, including black pudding, then vegetables and noodles are added. Serving also in two stages – separately rich broth with pasta, then meat and vegetables.

Escudella d’Olla Soup

To try this mouth-watering meal in Barcelona, ​​be sure to check out the Senyor Parellada restaurant (Carrer de l’Argenteria, 37). The cost of a serving here is 14 €.

Paella / Paella
What is definitely worth a try in Barcelona if you choose only one menu item? Of course, paella – rice cooked in a broth with fish, vegetables, chicken and saffron – the same food on the festive and Sunday table of the Spaniards. They cook it in a large pan, the serving is designed for at least two people, and this is always indicated on the menu.

Seafood paella

You can eat excellent paella in Barcelona at the Can Sole restaurant (Carrer Sant Carles, 4). The price for two is 40 €. From drinks to food, you can order a glass of white or pink Spanish wine.

Black rice / Arròs negre
Black Rice is cooked in the same wide and flat pan as the paella. In addition to rice, squid, fish, mussels and tomatoes are used. The main secret of the recipe is cuttlefish ink, they give the food a characteristic black color and add flavor to it. Good black rice is always served with allioli sauce – homemade garlic mayonnaise.

Dishes Arros Negro

At the Kaiku restaurant (Plaça del Mar, 1) in Barcelona, ​​which is famous for its seafood cuisine, a portion of arròs negre for 2 people will cost 36 €.

A modified version of paella, which locals especially like to eat. They make it from vermicelli (fideus) with fish and other seafood: shrimp, squid and shellfish. Fideua is served with freshly prepared allioli sauce, as is black rice. This is what you should definitely try in Barcelona with national food.

Fideua – paella version

One of the great places in town to eat fideua is the family-run Cal Papi restaurant (Carrer Atlantida, 65). The cost of food for one is 14 €.

The real “edible part” of Spanish history is a potato croquet the size of a tennis ball that appeared during the Civil War. The hand grenades of the revolutionaries inspired the local chef to create such an unusual culinary creation. Two sauces are served with food: white allioli, which symbolizes the fuse, and spicy red sauce, reminiscent of the explosive properties of the original.

Potato croquettes

There is a version that they invented the “Bomb” in the cafe La Cova Fumada (Calle Baluard, 56). At the very least, it is still on the local menu now and costs only 2 €, so eating it in Barcelona cheaply is quite possible.

Eskeyshada de baccalla / Esqueixada de bacallà
A refreshing salad whose main ingredient is salted cod (bacallà). In addition to this typical Catalan fish, it includes finely chopped tomatoes, onions, red peppers and black olives. Dressing is served with olive oil or “Romesco” sauce made from butter, almonds, garlic, hot pepper and tomatoes. This is what you can eat in Barcelona on a hot summer.

Eskeyshada de baccala salad

A good place to experience this Spanish national food in Barcelona is the Bodega Joan restaurant (Carrer del Rosselló, 164), where a portion costs 6.10 €.

What to eat in Barcelona with meat dishes? Why not eat cannelloni – typical local food, hearty and simple! Sheets of pasta are rolled up and stuffed with chopped meat or minced meat (there are also options with spinach and cheese), poured with bechamel sauce from milk, flour, eggs and nutmeg and baked in the oven.

Cannelloni with meat

Delicious fried chicken cannelloni with parmesan and black truffle is served at Agust Restaurant (Carrer del Parlament, 54). The price of pleasure is 14 €.

If you don’t know what to try in Barcelona from a simple and easy meal, opt for tapas. So in Spain they call any appetizer for beer or wine. For example, fried hot green peppers (grilled green peppers), grilled cuttlefish (grilled cuttlefish), chopitos (grilled squid), banderillas (fish skewers with vegetables), bacalao (salted cod on bread) and many others.

Tapas Beer Snacks

Huge selection of tapas in Barcelona at the Сervecería Сatalana bar (Carrer de Mallorca, 23). All snacks are on display and you can simply indicate what you like. Individual tapas cost from 2 to 10 €, an assorted plate – 15.95 €.

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