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Where to eat tasty and cheap in Bruges: the best cafes and restaurants for tourists

One of the most picturesque European cities is known to tourists not only for beautiful landscapes or ancient mills and canals, but also for delicious Belgian cuisine. The city has many small and cozy cafes where you can eat tasty and inexpensive; Bruges also has gourmet restaurants marked by Michelin stars. In a word, there are many options – it’s time to talk about the best of them. Inexpensive cafes of Brugge At Tattie’s This inexpensive cafe is a great place to have a tasty meal after a walk along the canals of Bruges or to have breakfast early in the morning in a cozy atmosphere. At Tattie’s specializes mainly in sandwiches and panini – there are a lot of them – but there are also inexpensive soups, pasta and salads on the menu. The visiting card of At Tattie’s is Belgian waffles – one of the most delicious in Bruges. In a cafe, they are served with whipped cream, fresh berries and fruits, Belgian chocolate sauce. A few more reasons to visit this inexpensive cafe in Bruges are a beautiful view of the old square, quick and attentive service and the opportunity to eat relatively cheaply (for two people about 15-20 €).

Chez vincent
Fast food cafe Chez VincentIf you are looking for a place to eat cheap in Bruges during a walk, then here you are! This is a small fast-food cafe where you can eat quickly, tasty and at the same time hearty and inexpensive (on average, the price of lunch is 10-15 €).

The situation in the cafe is quite simple, the room is small, there are no waiters. The menu includes inexpensive burgers and other plain and popular food. Everything is served fresh and hot.

Chez Vincent’s signature dish is French fries. For its preparation, they buy a special type of Bintjes potato, and for cooking use only healthy oils (vegetable, soy, rapeseed). Perhaps that is why the food in this cafe turns out so delicious.

Sint-Salvatorskerkhof, 5

Koffiehuis ter steeghere
Cafe Koffiehuis Ter Steeghere If you need a cafe where you can eat tasty and cheap in Bruges, and burgers are not your option, then visit Koffiehuis Ter Steeghere right on the town square near the Town Hall.

Although the prices in this cafe in Bruges are slightly higher than in cheaper fast-food establishments, here the choice of food and drinks is more pleasant and varied. They offer panini, spaghetti, lasagna, soups, waffles, pancakes, teas and juices, coffee, beer, wine and stronger Belgian alcoholic drinks. You can take a set breakfast for 14 € or a hearty meal at lunch for an average of 20 €.

Burg, 15

Wed-Sat 9: 00-18: 00
Walking along the streets of Bruges in search of a place in order to have a cheap meal, you will surely find many more pleasant cafes with low prices. For example, Soup on Hallestraat 4 or Cafe de Gilde on Oude Burg 17. Never go past Fred’s (Eiermarkt 20) – you can eat fantastic Belgian waffles – or Go.fre (Breidelstraat 11) – there this dessert is prepared, as lollipop and packed in a box, such waffles are great to buy as a gift.

Mid-priced restaurants
‘T Gulden Vlies
Restaurant ‘t Gulden Vlies An amazingly pleasant and quiet restaurant in the very center of Bruges, delighting guests with homemade recipes and a romantic atmosphere. Here you can eat tasty and relatively cheap (by the standards of Bruges) and at the same time enjoy peace and solitude.

The restaurant offers several types of set menus (for 18.50 € and 22.50 €), the average price of a dinner with alcohol for two may well go up to 80 € or even cheaper. Of particular note is the pork sausage (Bloeling / Bloedworst), which is served as a side dish stump – a real classic of traditional Belgian cuisine.

Like some other restaurants in Bruges, ‘t Gulden Vlies is closed to visitors several days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Sunday), and on other days it is open from 19 to 23 pm. Book better in advance.

Mallebergplaats, 17

Pro deo
Restaurant-bistro pro DeoThis is a small and cozy family-run restaurant-bistro with a very welcoming atmosphere near the center of Bruges. He will delight you with delicious steaks and the freshest midi and shrimp (in season), classic french fries and dozens of other delicious dishes – the skill of the local cook evokes the most ardent praises among visitors.

The interior also contributes to creating a wonderful mood. In the design of the hall you will not see any details: here you have wind instruments, ceramics, and many other interesting trinkets.

Separately, it is worth specifying in Belgian generous portions. So come to this restaurant to eat only very, very hungry or boldly divide the order in half. The main thing – do not forget to book a table in advance.

Langestraat, 161

Bierbrasserie cambrinus
Restaurant and brasserie Bierbrasserie Cambrinus Literally a few hundred meters from the central square of Bruges is a noteworthy restaurant and brasserie Cambrinus. Unlike some other similar places where the choice of food is limited to ribs and other snacks, the menu here is very extensive.

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