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Where to eat tasty and cheap in Brussels

Tourists love Brussels not only for their unique beauty, but also for delicious national food. Local chefs definitely know how to surprise even the most demanding guest.

When planning a trip to Belgium, it is worthwhile to choose in advance places where you can eat deliciously and cheaply in Brussels. Consider this amazing city in terms of gastronomic tourism and select the best options with a colorful atmosphere, delicious food and affordable prices.
Bia mara
Cafe Bia MaraBia Mara is an inexpensive cafe in Brussels with simple decor and unobtrusive music. Here you can eat well by ordering juicy and tasty breaded fish.

Local potatoes with aromatic sauce are considered classics of European cuisine. The cafe menu also has chicken and seafood. The portions are large, the average price of the dish is about 10 €.

Rue du Marche Aux Poulets, 41

Cafe BallekesBallekes – a small cafe where you can eat inexpensively in Brussels with the whole family. The main dish of the restaurant is meatballs with 6 different sauces and french fries. The owners of the cafe prepare branded meatballs according to old recipes. Such meatballs are still made by good Belgian grandmothers for their grandchildren.

In addition to meatballs, in the cafe you can eat croquettes and salads. Children can enjoy local desserts, while adults can enjoy Belgian beer or cider. In a word, no one will remain upset!

Chaussee de Charleroi, 174

Maison antoine
Cafe Maison Antoine If you find yourself close to Jourdan Square and looking for a place to eat, don’t miss Maison Antoine. It serves delicious french fries, which is considered a specialty in the cafe. To it you can order a variety of sauces for 0.70 €.

The most famous visitor to Maison Antoine at one time was German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who came here for a snack during one of her visits to Brussels. Here is such a delicious food!
Place Jourdan, 1

Brod brussels
Cafe Brod Brussels Another small cafe where you can eat deliciously, quickly and cheaply in Brussels while walking in the center. It enjoys special popularity thanks to amazing pastries and desserts.

There is something to eat and besides sweets. In addition to food, coffee, freshly squeezed juices and local beer are served. The average bill is 10-15 €.

Rue d’Arenberg 54

Daily 7: 00-19: 30

Houtsiplou Cafe
When choosing where to eat cheap and tasty in Brussels, it is worth considering the option with the Houtsiplou restaurant. The cuisine here is mostly European, but there are burgers on the menu if you wish.

Houtsiplou captivates with its homely atmosphere and original interior. The walls of the restaurant are painted with colorful paintings from the life of Brussels in a caricatured and slightly abstract style. In the warmer months, colorful cheerful little tables are put on the street, at which it is so pleasant to sit and admire the urban landscape!

At Houtsiplou you can eat with your whole family. There is a separate small menu for children, and adults will probably like duck breast or salmon tartare.

Place Rouppe, 9

Daily 9: 00-00: 00
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Le Wine Bar des Marolles
Cafe Le Wine Bar des MarollesLe Wine Bar des Marolles is a cozy bar where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The institution is famous for its excellent wine list, as well as delicious Belgian and French food.

The menu is updated every week. The main proposals always remain seafood: squid, oysters, smoked eel. And what is especially nice – the prices for such food here are one of the most moderate in Brussels.

Rue Haute, 198
Cafe Menu Le Wine Bar des Marolles

Thu-Sun 19: 00-23: 00
La fleur en papier dore
Cafe La Fleur en Papier DoreLa Fleur en Papier Dore is one of the most interesting and famous institutions in the city. Here in the first half of the 20th century a creative elite gathered. Among the regular guests was Rene Magritte, a famous Belgian surrealist painter.

The interior of the bar is truly unique. Here you can see so many old photographs, paintings, pieces of furniture and decor that it seems as if the room is “saturated” with history. The atmosphere in La Fleur en Papier Dore reigns indescribable.

The 10 most exquisite restaurants in Brussels
They come to the bar first of all with a hearty, inexpensive and tasty meal. Guests are offered national food, which can be washed down with excellent goise, local beer.

The institution’s main dish is Brusselse stoemp (tender mashed potatoes with chopped vegetables). It is served with traditional Belgian sausage and bacon.
Rue des Alexiens, 55

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